The Winners List

The listed winners have already been notified and their prizes have been shipped. The updates are added in chronological order based on the closing of a drawing. You haven't made it on this list yet? Keep entering!

  1. 7d60394d06

    Win "Terry Fator: Live in Concert" on DVD!

    Ended: Apr 2nd, 2014

    • Congratulations sherry g. from GA!
    • Congratulations Fred C. from CO!
    • Congratulations RICHARD P. from PA!
    • Congratulations thomas C. from SC!
    • Congratulations Linda B. from CO!
  2. B68c5ce29b

    Win a Lip Smacker Set!

    Ended: Apr 7th, 2014

    • Congratulations chuck from TX!
    • Congratulations Hannah C. from VT!
    • Congratulations Alex M. from PA!
    • Congratulations Matthew F. from IL!
    • Congratulations Joseph R. from NH!
  3. 73085f27d2

    Win a Note from Cody Simpson!

    Ended: Apr 1st, 2014

    • Congratulations CAILIE M. from IL!
  4. D78f76bf9f

    Win "The Pirate Fairy" on DVD!

    Ended: Apr 7th, 2014

    • Congratulations liberty f. from KY!
    • Congratulations Deanna L. from WI!
    • Congratulations Jane K. from MN!
    • Congratulations Renae D. from IL!
  5. E7b7731f1e

    Win an Emoji Icons Phone Case & Bracelet!

    Ended: Apr 7th, 2014

    • Congratulations Lauri S. from MO!
    • Congratulations Hannah J. from IL!
    • Congratulations Stephanie W. from OH!
    • Congratulations Alana D. from GA!
    • Congratulations susan v. from ME!
  6. 1a903c294b

    Win a Lily Tote Bag from Lole!

    Ended: Apr 9th, 2014

    • Congratulations valerie o. from IL!
  7. 24da97829e

    Win an Adventure Time Prize Pack!

    Ended: Apr 8th, 2014

    • Congratulations Lisa G. from MI!
  8. 58848a86bb

    Win a Kobo eReader Signed by Cody!

    Ended: Apr 7th, 2014

    • Congratulations kendyll l. from OH!
  9. 00ffa4e7b2

    Win a Tamagotchi L.i.f.e Angel T-shirt Signed by Joan Jett!

    Ended: Apr 11th, 2014

    • Congratulations sue g. from AR!
    • Congratulations Samantha G. from TX!
    • Congratulations Lillian M. from LA!
  10. 6c640c2184

    Win Razer Adaro Stereo Headphones!

    Ended: Apr 2nd, 2014

    • Congratulations brook w. from CA!
  11. 362a6c1343

    Win a Wilton Baking Set!

    Ended: Mar 31st, 2014

    • Congratulations Rebecca G. from TN!
    • Congratulations John W. from NY!
    • Congratulations Cathy m. from MI!
    • Congratulations Stephanie R. from MD!
    • Congratulations carolyn m. from IA!
    • Congratulations Patsy S. from MO!
    • Congratulations sara g. from IN!
    • Congratulations Ms. B. from NV!
    • Congratulations Kim K. from MN!
    • Congratulations Marnie h. from IL!
  12. D79dfc2e48

    Win Just Dance Signed by Austin Mahone!

    Ended: Apr 1st, 2014

    • Congratulations britany w. from FL!
    • Congratulations Jennifer C. from PA!
  13. E524373e9e

    Win Little Mix's New Album "Salute"!

    Ended: Jan 27th, 2014

    • Congratulations Krisnina M. from NY!
    • Congratulations Valentina S. from NY!
    • Congratulations Roua h. from VA!
    • Congratulations Samese H. from NC!
    • Congratulations Floyd I. from UT!
    • Congratulations Emily M. from NY!
    • Congratulations Kamila S. from WA!
    • Congratulations Theresa D. from MN!
    • Congratulations Elizabeth R. from MA!
    • Congratulations Alicia A. from OH!
    • Congratulations Varsha S. from NJ!
    • Congratulations Savannah M. from OH!
    • Congratulations Laura Y. from IL!
    • Congratulations Sydney K. from SC!
    • Congratulations Melissa G. from NJ!
  14. 9fc6272290

    Win a Nokia Lumia 520 from AIO Wireless!

    Ended: Apr 7th, 2014

    • Congratulations Maureen C. from MA!
  15. 006086860a

    Win 1D Merchandise!

    Ended: Apr 6th, 2014

    • Congratulations Sarah S. from MN!
  16. 8006f1c7c2

    Win Lady Gaga's Fragrance!

    Ended: Apr 7th, 2014

    • Congratulations Christie S. from MN!
    • Congratulations Amanda M. from NY!
    • Congratulations Gregory D. from MA!
    • Congratulations barb p. from IL!
    • Congratulations Barbara J. from MO!
  17. 5839e43982

    Win Boots from Bucco Shoes!

    Ended: Mar 12th, 2014

    • Congratulations Maybel R. from FL!
    • Congratulations Connie M. from KS!
    • Congratulations Karyn B. from PA!
  18. 8402f5822f

    Win the "Chicago: Diamond Edition" DVD!

    Ended: Mar 26th, 2014

    • Congratulations Reginald D. from GA!
    • Congratulations Joanne W. from FL!
    • Congratulations Sameika P. from VA!
    • Congratulations Robbin L. from TX!
    • Congratulations Karen H. from CO!
  19. 35f3058ec0

    Win a Sleepy Kitty Phone Case from D&Y!

    Ended: Mar 8th, 2014

    • Congratulations Namra Z. from NY!
    • Congratulations Marcar P. from NV!
    • Congratulations Carrie H. from KY!
    • Congratulations Claudia K. from CA!
    • Congratulations Lexi l. from MI!
  20. D07ed3486f

    Win a Phone Signed by Olivia Holt!

    Ended: Mar 21st, 2014

    • Congratulations Theresa D. from NY!